Printable Chalkboard Art

Create your very own professional looking chalkboards! Find a list of all the necessary supplies, an easy step-by-step guide, and shop various printable chalkboard designs. Also, check out my post for building a DIY chalkboard.

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Shopping List

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Print the artwork to fit within your chalkboard dimensions. I would recommend leaving a 1-2″ space around the artwork. When printing, you can either get a large format print from your local printing store or select ‘poster’ in the printing settings on your printer. This setting will print out the artwork on multiple pieces of 8.5″x11 paper. Once printed, cut and tile the pages together. 

Step 1 Chalkboard Printables

Rub a layer of chalk on the back of the print. If you can see the artwork through the paper, try to color only over the text/art. This will reduce unwanted chalk to transfer.

Step 2 Chalkboard Printables

Tape the artwork to the chalkboard face up.

Step 3 Chalkboard Printables

Take a pencil and sketch over the text/art. Be sure to go over all black areas. Be sure not to rest your hand on the chalkboard to prevent any unwanted chalk transfer.

Step 4 Chalkboard Printables

Remove the artwork and you’ll see a transfer of the art on the chalkboard. Take your chalk pencil and go over all the text/art. If you want a more permanent chalkboard, use a chalk marker.

Step 5 Chalkboard Printables

Seal the artwork with a light layer of hairspray. This will prevent the chalk from smudging. Also, check out my post for building a DIY chalkboard.

Step 6 Chalkboard Printables
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