Liver Cleanse – Day 9

Day 9, a day of liquids to send toxins on their way and any remaining poisons that the liver unearthed during The 6. Feel free to make or buy all the fresh juice at once in the morning and save your later servings in the fridge. In between it all, make sure you’re sipping water, ideally with a squeeze of lemon or lime in it, or plain if that’s what you can handle.

Upon Waking

  • 16 ounces lemon or lime water


Over the course of the day, consume:

  • Two 16-20 ounces of cucumber-apple juices (anytime)
    • Make a 50-50 blend of cucumbers & apples of your choice
  • Blended melon, blended papaya, or fresh-squeezed orange juice (as many servings and as often as desired)
  • Water (sip at least 8 ounces every three hours)


  • 16 ounces of either lemon water, lime water, Hibiscus tea, or lemon balm tea


  • Continue to avoid radical fats (nuts, seeds, oils, coconut, animal proteins, etc.) entirely
  • Stick to foods outlined in the accordion above; eat or drink as much as you need to feel full