I currently reside in Wayne County, PA (Beach Lake, to be exact), but offer my graphic design, branding, and website services to many other areas, including Scranton, Milford, Pike County and the Poconos.

Headshot of Kelsey Cahill
I specialize in all aspects of branding and website design, and use my experience in graphic design to help clients bring their brand and ideas to life. I enjoy working with small businesses and any individual that’s as passionate about what they do as I am.

When I’m not working with clients, I enjoy spending time on my own side projects. This helps me stay creatively energized while giving me new challenges to overcome. If you’d like to see some of my recent side work, check out the woodworking section of my portfolio.

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How We Do It
  • Discovery


    We’ll talk, we’ll laugh, I’ll tell a knock-knock joke that makes us both uncomfortable and then we’ll get into the nitty-gritty. This phase of my process sets the foundation for your entire project. You’ll gather as much information about me as I do about you to allow both of us to make informed and cohesive decisions throughout the length of your project. After the initial discussions, I’ll present you with a proposal outlining costs as well as deliverables.

  • Planning


    Once we take the plunge and decide to work together, we’ll dive head first into strategizing. Your project needs a plan that’s definitive, creative, innovative, all the –ives. Great design won’t produce the results you want without an underlying framework of logic and strategy.

  • Design


    Ready. Set. Create! At this point, all my juices are flowing – creative, strategic, apple (have to stay hydrated) – to design the perfect piece or pieces for your project. Don’t worry, I keep you updated along the way so you never have to wonder how things are progressing.

  • Delivery


    Once I make my official presentation of concepts, you will either approve a direction or suggest some changes. Either way, we keep moving forward until the piece moves from concept to reality. No matter the type of project, this is the stage when all the heavy-lifting occurs and, unlike my pizza guy, I actually deliver when I say I am going to.

  • Follow Up

    Follow Up

    Like that time your mother-in-law came to visit, I never truly leave. After providing you final files for your project, I still remain open for communication. Need a different logo file? Want to make some text or photo updates to your website? Looking for some marketing materials that match your new brand? No matter the project, I love helping clients with follow up work.